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Visioning the Future of Information Science PDF
Diane Sonnenwald
Hyper-Local Search PDF
Vanessa Murdock


The impact of information and communication technologies on informal scientific communication PDF
Ahmed Maher Khafaga Shehata
Academic Attitudes to New Media: A Methodological Exploration PDF
Kathleen Laura Menzies
Use and Non Use of Scholarly E-Journals by Academics: A Case of University of the Punjab PDF
Alia Arshad, Kanwal Ameen
Chemoinformatics – how similar are molecules? PDF
Ed Duesbury
Regulating the Future PDF
David Haynes
Transfiguring the ‘humble’ classification scheme: radical techniques for 21st-century knowledge organisation research
Deborah Lee

Pecha Kucha

University-based institutional repositories in Thailand PDF
Wachiraporn Klungthanaboon
Online Persuasion Process: Conceptualisation of Social Influence in Online Context PDF
Seyed Mojtaba Poor Rezaei
Information science collaborations to maximise and expedite the use of data in biomedical research
Simon Paul Philip Hand
Community resilience, public libraries and technology: future research, future oriented libraries.
Dan Grace
“Parallel but Separate Universes”: Web Personalisation and the Future of the Filter Bubble
Simon Wakeling


Evolution of academic librarianship: the changing role of academic information professionals in the 21st century United Kingdom PDF
Lillian Tsang Phillips
Understanding Mobile Phone Search PDF
Fei Xie
A novel approach to De Novo design utilising Reaction Networks
James Wallace
Towards a better understanding of social tagging practices in academic libraries
Munirah Saleh Abdulhadi
Total Quality Management Applications in the Saudi University Information Centres
Faisal A. Altamimi
Information Systems Projects in Health Services: Exploration of Telehealth project management
Jean Chitanda
Searching putative targets for anti–prion compounds
Jorge Valencia, Beining Chen, Val Gillet
Creation of Language-Independent Methods to Identify Similarity in Wikipedia
Monica Lestari Paramita
The Comparison of Measurement of different Weighting Schemes in SSA
Nor Samsiah Binti Sani
User-Centred Design to Support Exploration and Path Creation in Cultural Heritage Collections
Paula Goodale

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